At ICSEM, we contribute to creating a solid, sustainable and responsible business fabric with its environment in a wide range of activities, always with the aim of generating social, economic and environmental development. To do this, we:

Promote and carry out research and active training in the areas of knowledge linked to sustainable development.

Investigate, study and carry out active monitoring of trends and development opportunities, promoting training and awareness spaces.

Design and support the design of innovative and easy-to-apply ideas and methodologies in the framework of entrepreneurship, training, leadership, social innovation or social impact assessments, among others, promoting meeting spaces.

We support and accompany public and private entities to implement their strategies and implement operational plans or specific projects in the field of entrepreneurship, internationalization, sectoral development and shared value linked to sustainability, the blue economy, the green economy or the circular economy.

Where We Have Collaborated

Our geographical reach is local, national and international. We work in our city and its surroundings, in Galicia and the rest of Spain, but also in Europe, and in more than 20 countries in Africa and Latin America.

Areas of Activity and Services