Consultancy on innovative financing models for impact companies, best practices, and recommendations for public administrations

ICSEM leads a consultancy focused on the role of public administrations in financing early-stage impact companies. The primary goal is to inspire and educate these administrations in designing and implementing financing structures that combine public and private capital. There is also an emphasis on educating private investors on designing innovative financial instruments that blend grants, debt, and equity, tailored to different return expectations, risk exposures, and impact appetites.

Preparation and redirection of the PIP “INCLUSIFI”

This assistance is framed within the INCLUSIFI initiative, one of the Investment Program Proposals (PIP) presented by AECID to the EU’s External Investment Plan (EIP). The EIP aims to contribute to the sustainable reintegration of migrants returning to their countries of origin and to strengthen transit and host communities in Africa and countries neighboring the EU.

In this context, INCLUSIFI seeks to support local entrepreneurship, improving access to financial services as well as new financial products channeled through local financial institutions. Key areas of focus include enhancing the remittance channels from emigrants, promoting investment from diaspora communities based in Europe, and the innovation and professional training of various strategic actors and the ultimate beneficiaries of the programs.