The establishment of partnerships and cooperation between all actors are key factors in socioeconomic development, so we work on their identification and establishment.

We defend partnerships as a new model of action that responds to an increasingly complex society, which can only be attended to with the creation of innovative solutions, so we help projects to be part of your business strategy in order to turn them into a competitive advantage.


Study on Best Practices for Blue Economy in International Fishing Ports

The FAO leads a project, backed by the Port Authority of Vigo and the Marinnleg Foundation, in which a congress was held gathering 16 representatives from fishing port authorities and green ports from various regions of the world, alongside representatives from the European Commission. The aim was to work collaboratively on the implementation of the Blue Growth Strategy in these ports and establish a network of blue fishing ports.

ICSEM supported the design of a “Best Practices Guide” for the strategy’s implementation. Activities included a preliminary study on best practices internationally, designing an international forum, and creating a network of blue ports.

Organisation of the I Social Business Meeting on Cooperation Opportunities between non-profit entities and companies

The Rotary Club of Pontevedra and the Pontevedra Business Forum have joined forces in collaboration with ICSEM to organise an event promoting collaboration between the private sector and local NGOs. The main objective is to bring both sides closer together, showcasing examples of successful relationships and outcomes, as well as potential financing routes and institutions that support such initiatives.

Furthermore, it aims to raise awareness among companies about the needs of non-profit NGOs and among the NGOs about actions carried out by the private sector. The ICSEM team is responsible for coordination and programme design, speaker proposals, moderation, participation, and event dissemination.

Technical Assistance for the development of a market study and commercialisation of small-scale fishing and identification of potential alliances between fishers and the private sector in Haiti

ICSEM provides technical assistance for a market and commercialisation study in the fisheries sector of Southeast Haiti, as part of the development plan led by AECID. The aim is to identify the most suitable marketing channels and establish public-private partnerships with supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, traders, processors, and exporters. These alliances will ensure the viability of proposed actions to improve the sector.

ICSEM focuses on market analysis with a social entrepreneurship approach, especially geared towards low-income segments. Additionally, the objective is to identify possible alliances between fishers and the private sector in Haiti, such as hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets, as a mechanism for technical and financial support for the development of small-scale fisheries.

Professional Strengthening of Capacities in the Maritime Fisheries Sector in Mozambique

This 2-year project primarily aims to contribute to the sustainability of natural coastal resources as a source of economic growth, by enhancing maritime fishing skills amongst the youth. The goal is to ensure a growth perspective in terms of gender, economy, human rights, and culture, in order to generate value and strengthen communities associated with fishing activity.

ICSEM is responsible for coordinating and managing the overall programme, ensuring proper development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the activities and specific tasks to be carried out over the two-year duration of the project.