Cooperation policies for development comprise the set of actions aimed at genuinely overcoming poverty and inequality and require universal initiatives to promote solidarity and equity. From ICSEM, we promote global, sustainable, inclusive, equitable, and equal economic and social progress among citizens.

Cooperation Projects

Strengthening of the University of Cape Verde for the promotion of entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation in the areas of green and blue economy

The main goal of this project is to generate opportunities for development and wealth creation in the coastal and rural populations of Cape Verde.

It aims to strengthen the University of Cape Verde as an entrepreneur promoter, broadening its approach to the green economy and strengthening the Empreamar program related to the blue economy. The intention is to achieve a greater impact locally and internationally, positioning the University of Cape Verde as an entity that promotes entrepreneurship within the framework of its transfer mission.

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Learn more Strengthening of the fishing communities of Achada Grande, Praia, Cape Verde

The “Familia di Mar” project promotes the strengthening of the capacities of the fishermen and fisherwomen associations in the Achada Grande community, on the island of Santiago (Cape Verde). Funded by AECID, its objective is to improve the quality of life and employability of the youth and women in the Achada Grande community. The project aims to increase the value of the fishing product through the sustainable management of artisanal fishing in the neighborhoods of Achada Grande Frente and Grande Tras.

The project’s approach is to enhance artisanal fishing as an efficient activity and an opportunity for the community’s sustainable development, empowering its members and strengthening their resilience capacity. For the project’s sustainability, it’s vital to involve and engage the community, so it focuses on understanding and meeting their specific needs.

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EU-AID Blue Economy Program for West Africa

The consultancy’s main objective was to identify and assess the potential support for the sustainable blue economy in West Africa through a regional oceanic center in Mindelo.

Various activities were carried out, such as reviewing relevant documents, identifying stakeholders in Cape Verde, the region, and Europe, online meetings with stakeholders in West Africa, and a field mission in Mindelo to discuss relevant programs and projects in the blue economy and fisheries field. As a result of the consultancy, a context analysis and a provisional roadmap for the development and application of the new program were prepared.

PARGO Project_Strengthening of the Chinandega Fishermen’s Community

The PARGO project, co-financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), seeks to enhance local socio-economic development in the municipality of El Viejo, Chinandega, Nicaragua. ICSEM, along with other partners, is part of the PARAGUA consortium, responsible for implementing a suitable nutrition strategy for moon snapper production units in floating cages.

The goal is to improve the production of this aquaculture species sustainably, considering animal welfare. The project also focuses on strengthening local aquaculture cooperatives and promoting the participation and professionalization of women in the community.