We support companies in their internationalization process, analyzing their potential through market studies and designing a strategy for its implementation.


Strategic and Operational Planning for the Growth and Business Strengthening of the El Cuco Fishermen’s Association in El Salvador (ASPESCU)

ICSEM is responsible for the Technical Assistance of this project which guides and mentors the ASPESCU Association in the process of strategic and operational planning for the development of the blue economy, under sustainability criteria. To achieve this, a diagnosis of the value chain is carried out, from which a strategic plan is drawn up that encompasses the new possibilities for marketing and service diversification that can be executed.

The strategic plan is complemented by a financing plan and the identification of new market opportunities. The methodology used for all planned activities is predominantly participatory, conducting work workshops, both in the information gathering phase and in the deliverable document validation phase.

Support for the internationalization of companies in Nicaragua

In these projects, ICSEM enhances the technical capabilities of management and technical teams of companies in the context of internationalization to prepare and capitalize on a commercial mission (defining the operational area of ​​export, commercial – distribution, and production). Additionally, it helps to develop knowledge about different markets in the European Union, with a particular emphasis on Spain. It reinforces the decision-making process regarding the company’s internationalization in the EU market.