At ICSEM, we understand sustainable growth as an indicator of wealth generation, which commits to development, reconciling society, the economy, and the environment. Therefore, our mission is to contribute to the consolidation of a strong business fabric, based on sustainability, development, and cooperation.


To become a leading consulting firm in terms of service quality, professionalism, and commitment to our clients. The incorporation of sustainability into organizations is based on a continuous improvement process to achieve and maintain economic, environmental, and social balance. To do this, we apply economic and social models that link companies and public entities with sustainability in order to achieve a society based on values and environmental care.

Our Activities are Chacterized by

Promoting innovative ideas for business sustainability

Contributing to a solid business fabric

Technical rigor in all our plans, projects, methodologies, studies and publications

Promoting the establishment of alliances and cooperation between all actors


All of us who work at ICSEM have the same goal: to create a sustainable society by promoting the transformative power of all types of organizations and companies. To do this, we develop our work with responsibility, professionalism and passion, finding the balance between providing the best possible service to our customers, society and the planet.

From Spain and El Salvador, we have over 20 years of experience in research and consulting specializing in economic, environmental and social development.

But we also work in a network, connecting with specialists from different disciplines, so that we offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project.

ICSEM Team in Spain

Yolanda Molares
Yolanda MolaresChairwoman
Carlota Barañano
Carlota BarañanoTechnical Coordinator
Alejo Calatayud
Alejo CalatayudHead of Business Development and Circular Economy
Sonia Domínguez
Sonia DomínguezAdministration
 Xaida Estévez
Xaida EstévezAdministration
Uxía Diz
Uxía DizProject Specialist
Miguel Ángel Martínez
Miguel Ángel MartínezProject Specialist
Carmen Costa
Carmen CostaProject Specialist
Antía Rodríguez
Antía RodríguezProject Specialist
Alejandro Fazanes
Alejandro FazanesCommunication Specialist

ICSEM Team in El Salvador

José Daniel Rodríguez
José Daniel RodríguezChief Executive Officer (CEO)
Laura Perdomo
Laura PerdomoProject Specialist
Ruth Arevalo
Ruth ArevaloProject Specialist and Administrative Assistant
Alejandra Pérez
Alejandra PérezCommunications Manager