We advocate for entrepreneurship as a key tool for socioeconomic development and contribution to a strong business fabric, through training, mentoring, and accompanying new entrepreneurs.


Atlantic Maritime Ecosystem Network – MarEnet

The Blue Careers project, approved under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) call, has the primary objective of strengthening cooperation between maritime industries and educational institutions, meeting the needs of the maritime-port market and the curricula related to the sector. The project ended in October 2021 but continues its activities under the Atlantic Maritime Knowledge Centre MarENet (AMKC MarENet) brand.

The project addresses the mismatch between the demands of the Blue Economy industry and training offers in various ways. A digital knowledge transfer tool was also developed, providing a comprehensive e-learning environment.

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Female Entrepreneurship Program “The Break”

“The Break” is a European program aimed at promoting female entrepreneurship through networking, knowledge transfer, and strengthening innovative ecosystems. In 2022, over 200 women from different European Union countries participated in multiple venues, undergoing mentoring programs in various areas and enjoying social and cultural experiences that helped them develop their personal and professional potential.

ICSEM, in collaboration with the Vigo Free Zone Consortium, participated in the development of a program aimed at 24 female entrepreneurs who received mentoring sessions for their business plans in specific areas such as strategy, marketing, communication, finance, and investment, among others. ICSEM was responsible for coordinating and executing the mentoring program for two months, managing all logistical, technical, and administrative tasks related to this part of the project.


This project, funded by the European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment (CINEA), aims to support the diversification of income sources for fishing communities in the Atlantic area by promoting activities related to sustainable blue economy. The project aims to identify and capitalize on tourism opportunities linked to small fishing communities and ensure both economic growth and environmental preservation.

Viable business ideas will be promoted through an incubator, supporting the decision-making process and design of feasibility plans.
The best ideas will participate in a commercial route to visit and collaborate with other network initiatives.