We carry out monitoring and impact measurement using specific methodologies designed specifically for the projects we work on.


Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Program for Environmental Assessment of the Construction and Operation of a Maritime Terminal (El Salvador)

Energía del Pacífico is building and operating a Maritime Terminal and Floating Storage Regasification Unit in Acajutla, El Salvador.

In this context, ICSEM is responsible for designing and implementing a Biodiversity Evaluation and Monitoring Plan (BMEP) to assess the potential impacts of the project and ensure biodiversity conservation in both marine and terrestrial areas. The main goal is to implement 5 marine biodiversity monitoring programs and 4 terrestrial biodiversity monitoring programs in the area affected by the construction and operation of the terminal and the FSRU. Additionally, ICSEM leads the implementation of the Social Safeguards Program aimed at the artisanal fishing communities in the project’s area of influence.

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Learn more ExPost Evaluation of projects funded by La Rioja Cooperation from 2014 to 2016

ICSEM collaborates with the Government of La Rioja in the development of an Evaluation of the projects funded by Cooperation_ La Rioja between the period 2014 and 2016 in El Salvador. The evaluation focuses on four projects executed by two NGOs in the areas of vocational training, health, sanitation, and water.

Additionally, a workshop is conducted to transfer the results to the NGO community of La Rioja associated with the NGO Coordinator. This workshop went beyond merely transferring the evaluation results and delved into opportunities for strengthening in the face of the challenges of development cooperation in the coming years: public-private collaboration, innovation for development, multi-actor alliances, among others.

Final evaluation of projects implemented by the NGO Bosque y Comunidad with funding from AACID in Mozambique

ICSEM has conducted three final evaluations of two projects implemented by the NGO Bosque y Comunidad, funded by AACID, which aim to strengthen the agricultural production and marketing capacities of communities in Mozambique. They focus on rights, environmental and gender sustainability, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. Both projects stand out for their comprehensive sustainability approach, seeking to generate economic benefits for vulnerable groups without compromising resources for future generations.

ICSEM uses a participatory methodology that includes a literature review, consultation with key project stakeholders, and field visits to directly observe the effects of interventions. It is also responsible for designing activities to disseminate and promote the findings and conclusions of the evaluation.