We organize all kinds of training and leadership activities and programs so that sustainability spreads and assimilates both within and outside organizations.

The aim is to help your organization strengthen the sustainability of projects, develop leadership-oriented skills, and assist in accessing funding, among other things.


Consolidation and Expansion of Best Practices for Risk Reduction and Disasters in Mozambique

The project focuses on disaster prevention and response objectives, with the intent to develop training and strategy tailored to stakeholders and the local context. Diagnostic analysis, training, and fundraising plan design activities are carried out through training and consultation. The methodology used is highly participatory, using workshops to energize the working team in each delegation and among them. As final outcomes, on-site training workshops and visits to each delegation are carried out to implement improvement actions, along with an initial diagnosis and a specific fundraising plan for each delegation.

In this project, the ICSEM team strengthens the management and public-private fundraising capabilities of four provincial delegations of the Mozambique Red Cross.

Blue Fishing Training

ICSEM partners in a project to design a sectoral cooperation plan to enhance the competitiveness of the fishing sector in the Atlantic region. The plan is developed in three key subsectors: deep-sea fishing, coastal fishing, and marketing and port logistics. Three pilot programs will be carried out to enhance the professionalism of each subsector, along with a cross-cutting program for training and attention to cultural and linguistic diversity in fishing.

The program also offers 13 specific courses combining theoretical and practical sessions, using innovative training approaches. ICSEM plays a technical support and coordination role, leading the capacity diagnosis and training offer analysis, communication and transfer plan design, and organizing workshops and technical conferences.

Blue Careers Empleaverde

The project’s goal is to improve professional competencies in the maritime-fishing field, in response to global changes such as climate change, technological innovations, and regulations. Courses and advisory actions were developed for technicians and executives in the sector, transferring specialized knowledge from technological innovation centers to port companies in line with new sustainability policies.

The project included coordinating and developing 3 courses in face-to-face and online formats on climate change and management tools such as the carbon footprint, training executive personnel in the port sector in Industry 4.0, and a port operations training program. It also supported the design and implementation of advisory actions, including conferences and events related to corporate social responsibility, blue growth, labor legislation, the role of women in the maritime-fishing sector, and worker adaptation to the port sector in Industry 4.0.

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