We work on the analysis and strategic development for the revalorization, evaluation and recovery of natural and environmental heritage.


PescaConCiencia: Contributing to the adaptation of Galicia’s artisanal fishing sector to the effects of climate change.

This inter-territorial cooperation project in Galicia aims to contribute to the adaptation of artisanal fishing to climate change. It seeks to promote collaboration between the fishing sector and academia to transfer knowledge and jointly identify adaptation measures and recommendations.

As the coordinating entity of ICSEM, we lead the design and implementation of a participatory diagnosis, as well as the organization of training workshops in each territory and the organization of a Forum with representation from the majority of Galicia’s guilds.

Technical Coordination of the Candidacy Project Islas Cíes UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Vigo City Council leads the Islas Cíes UNESCO candidacy, promoting an ambitious research, education, and dissemination program, strengthening environmental awareness about this territory and promoting sustained development based on natural and cultural heritage.

In this context, ICSEM develops the technical coordination functions of the project, supporting the design and implementation of the roadmap, ranging from energizing workgroups, designing an educational program for schools, organizing scientific congresses, representing the candidacy in international events, or organizing cultural events linked to the process.

AQUADAPT. Adaptation plan of the Spanish marine aquaculture sector to climate change.

The AQUADAPT project, led by the Campus do Mar of the University of Vigo in collaboration with various institutions, seeks to contribute to the adaptation of the marine aquaculture sector to climate change in Spain. Through information gathering from various sources, knowledge about climate change impacts and associated risks in specific geographic areas, cultivated species, and cultivation systems has increased.

ICSEM provides support in the participatory design and preparation of the documents produced within the scope of the project, such as the Climate Change Adaptation Plan for marine aquaculture until 2050.

Cataloging and drafting of the Roadmap and Action Plan for the creation of a Network of Maritime Heritage Resources.

The Local Fishing Action Group of the Ría de Vigo – A Guarda territory seeks to promote social welfare in fishing areas and promote the value of fishing, maritime, and aquaculture cultural heritage. Through the development of this initiative, efforts were made to revalue the heritage present in the territory through a Network of Maritime Heritage Resources.

ICSEM was the entity in charge of the technical assistance for the entire project, carrying out various tasks, among them: an analysis of the situation, identification of the actor map, and a complete diagnosis, including identification and cataloging of heritage elements at all levels (material, intangible, cultural, industrial, etc.).