In our current economy, we extract materials from the Earth, manufacture products from them, and ultimately dispose of them as waste: the process is linear. This economic model is exhausting the planet’s safe boundaries and its renewal capacity. What we need is to build economic models based on closed cycles preserving natural resources and avoiding waste and emissions that contribute to diversified, sustainable, low-carbon, and eco-efficient economies.

The circular economy proposes to replace the linear economic model of production and consumption, based on its greater potential to efficiently manage resources, address environmental challenges, and generate economic growth, job, and business opportunities.

Innovation is a key element to achieve the transition to a circular economy, and for this, new technologies, processes, services, and business models are essential, as well as a profound change in consumers’ behavior patterns.

The future focuses on the circular economy, and companies must adapt to the new economic model.

ICSEM offers its services to public and private sectors to adapt to the profound changes required for this significant transformation of current economic models. We assist in the development of circular economy strategies for any public or private organization.

Furthermore, we work with financial entities to apply sustainability criteria in their investment analysis.

Likewise, we offer specialized consultancy throughout all phases of the production cycle and waste management.

Circular Economy Projects

Alliance with ICEX for the organization of technical conferences and publications

ICSEM has an official collaboration agreement with ICEX Spain for the preparation of technical conferences and their consequent publications from the perspective of sustainable development of Spanish companies, especially those with a presence abroad.

In the past two years, we have jointly organized two webinar cycles, one on sustainability and internationalization and another more focused on the field of the circular economy. We are currently preparing a new series of conferences on financing for sustainable development (such as green and blue bonds).

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Circular Labs (Low Carbon)

This project, co-financed by the INTERREG V A Spain Portugal Operational Program (POCTEP), seeks to improve the low carbon competitiveness of SMEs and promote green entrepreneurship in the region. The primary goal is to establish the LOW CARBON INNOVATION Transregional Network to provide business development services in circular and low-carbon business models. Training and advice are offered to SMEs, micro-enterprises, and entrepreneurs to implement improvement plans in a low-carbon economy and develop green and sustainable business services and ideas.

In collaboration with the EOI, ICSEM supports the development of a pre-incubator in the provinces of Pontevedra, Ourense, León, and Asturias, providing mentoring, training in finance, business model and marketing, communication and marketing, among others.