At ICSEM, we perceive sustainable growth as an indicator of wealth creation, promoting development, and bringing together society, the economy and the environment. We develop our activity three ways:

As an INSTITUTE, we want to contribute to the strengthening and generation of knowledge within the framework of sustainable development. We promote and conduct research and active training in the knowledge areas related to sustainable development. We investigate, study and actively monitor development trends and opportunities, promoting training and awareness-raising spaces.

As a LABORATORY, we design and support the creation of groundbreaking, easy-to-apply ideas and methodologies in the context of entrepreneurship, social innovation, preparation of roadmaps, social impact assessment, sectoral studies, alignment, etc. We promote meeting spaces and apply co-creation methodologies.

As a DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, we encourage and support public and private entities in launching strategies and implementing operational plans or specific projects in the field of entrepreneurship, internationalisation, sectoral development and shared value.

At ICSEM, we contribute to the building of a sustainable, environmentally friendly business fabric that generates social, economic and environmental development. Accordingly, we develop our services in many different activity areas.