We accompany companies in their internationalization process, analyzing their potential through market studies and the design of a strategy for their implementation.

Support for the internationalization of Nicaraguan companies

A market study has been carried out on the primary, textile and agricultural sectors in Nicaragua, and training courses have been set up for selected companies. The object is to reinforce the technical skills of the workforce and management of the company in the framework of internationalisation to prepare and carry out profitable trade missions.

Analysis of international trends in aquaculture for the coming years (Spain)

Within the framework of the design of a strategy to improve the competitiveness of companies in the Clúster ACUIPLUS, the national aquaculture cluster in Spain, a market trends analysis study in the value chain sector of the aquaculture sector, through an international consultation in which more than forty international experts took part via online questionnaires and social media.

Design and implementation of a self-diagnosis program for the internationalization of Galician SMEs (Spain)

The designed program seeks to reinforce companies in the processes of internationalization of their services and in the entry into foreign markets of their products, through an individualized support service, promotion of cooperation and self-diagnosis work sessions.