We are committed to promoting shared value as a growth and business development strategy, as well as identifying alliances and cooperation.

Support for the improvement of conditions for the marketing and market study of farmed shrimp in the European Union (Tumaco, Colombia)

This project is aimed at supporting skills development in the area of sectorial association, social brand, market analysis and foreign trade. Its development includes the preparation of a market study, a foreign trade guide focusing on the European Union market, and a guide to designing a social brand. In addition, a public-private institutional partnership has been defined.

Creation of a traditional port and sailing network in Galicia (Spain)

The goal of this project is to improve the maritime and riverine heritage of Galicia and promote local socio-economic development through new economic activities, linked to the maritime and riverine heritage. It seeks to address the promotion and conservation of the endogenous resources and heritage elements of the traditional nautical sector that give it identity and character.

Analysis of the role of Galician companies in development cooperation in the partner countries of the Galician cooperation programme (Spain)

An analysis of the perception of the development cooperation stakeholders has been carried out on the role of the company as a development cooperation stakeholder. To implement the study, several regional stakeholders were involved in order to discover perspectives from all sectors: universities and public administrations, NGOs, companies and individual experts or civil associations.