We work in the development of the sector and the enhancement of the local product as an engine of economic growth and generator of wealth.

Development of a strategical plan of the ornamental-plant, cut-flower, market-gardening and kiwi sectors of the Baixo Miño (Pontevedra, Spain)

This project is geared towards improving the competitiveness of the sector and its business fabric, as well as preparing a strategic and operational plan for the sector in the short and medium term (timeline of four years), which enables the Councils of the Baixo Miño region to support the consolidation and growth of the region's agricultural sector.

Technological development study of marine fish in Peru - Diagnosis and forecast (Peru)

With the support of the Government of Peru's National Programme for Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture (PNIPA), a roadmap for the development of marine fish aquaculture has been prepared, opting for the strengthening of human, technical and technological skills, as well as the design of innovative solutions in the aquaculture sector in the entire value chain.

Feasibility study for the creation and operation of an aquaculture production business, installed in the Puerto de la Unión - El Salvador

A technical and economic feasibility study has been conducted through designing a participatory process in which key local and regional stakeholders were involved to jointly define the business model in El Salvador. For this, the following activities have been carried out: mapping of stakeholders, market analysis, definition of technical specifications for the centre, financial analysis, and identification of public-private partnerships.

Strategic and operational planning for business growth and strengthening of the Cuco-El Salvador fishermen's association (ASPESCU)

Through the following project, technical assistance is offered to the ASPESCU Association in the strategic and operational planning process for the development of the blue economy. For this purpose, a diagnosis of the value chain has been carried out, drawing up a strategic plan that includes the new possibilities for marketing and diversifying services that can be carried out.

Technical Secretariat for the Aquaculture, Agriculture and Nautical Cluster

ICSEM has taken on the role of Cluster Manager for ACUIPLUS, ARIVEN and ACUBAM, which represent the chains of value of national aquaculture (ACUIPLUS), of the crop producer's association in the Baixo Miño (ACUBAM) and of nautical sports in the Ría of Vigo (ARIVEN). association in the Baixo Miño (ACUBAM) and of nautical sports in the Ría of Vigo (ARIVEN).