We carry out the monitoring and measurement of impact through specific methodologies and designed specifically for the projects in which we work.

Impact assessment of the Blue Growth Strategy of the Port of Vigo (Spain)

The impact assessment of the Blue Growth Strategy has been prepared with the aim of measuring the degree of fulfilment of the strategy's objectives, which, in turn, encompass various goals. Accordingly, a specific impact measurement methodology has been developed, in which more than fifty performance indicators have been designed, a measurement tool has been developed and the data collection system has been established.

Monitoring programme for the projects approved by GALP COSTA SOSTIBLE (EDLP, 2017) (Spain)

GALP IV, responding to its commitment to social, economic and environmental responsibility with its environment and with the commitment to develop the potential for blue growth, offers a programme to monitor approved projects with a dual goal: to technically support the beneficiaries in the execution of their initiatives and to contribute to the generation and measurement of the impact of the initiatives financed in the short, medium and long term.