We have wide experience in the development and implementation of projects within the framework of the Blue and Green Economy.

Implementation of the Blue Growth Strategy of the Port of Vigo (Spain)

As Technical Secretariat of the Blue Growth Strategy, we support the application of the blue growth concept in the socio-economic context of the Port of Vigo, backing the establishment of roadmaps, the revitalisation of interest groups, monitoring of projects and transfer of good practices.

Regional Strategy of the Countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA)

Support on the design of the Regional Strategy of the SICA Countries. As a result, a working guide will be prepared for the Region and the SICA countries through, in order to implement the blue economy approach as a sustainable development strategy. The project includes 7 countries in the Region and it is expected the participation of representative actors of the quadruple helix.

Atlantic Maritime Ecosystem Network – MarENet (Ireland, France and Spain)

The project aims to adapt academic training to the needs and demands of the labour market in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the maritime, fishing and port sectors on the Atlantic seaboard, following a blue growth approach.

Knowledge, management and awareness-raising of the relevance of marine-coastal ecosystem services (8 countries)

Through the three projects, we are collaborating with universities and research centres to gather knowledge on the marine ecosystem services (MES) in protected areas and address information gaps in order to develop supply and demand mapping and evaluation of the MES. Analysing the scope of their contribution to human well-being, as well as raising awareness among the general public and the private sector about their relevance are key actions.