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New entrepreneurs are supported in the decision making processes, strategic planning and startup


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We offer companies design aid and we help them to strengthen its international strategy, exploring new business ideas and looking for new markets.


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We support you in the design and implementation of your CSR strategy appropriate for legal requirements and the needs of specific countries, regions and communities.


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According to the growing trend for decentralised cooperation, we propose you solutions for all the phases of your project, from identification to final evaluation.


We are the Institute for the Company's Sustainable Growth.

  • As an INSTITUTE we contribute to build a sustainable business responsible within the environment generating a social, economical and environmental development.
  • For us, SUSTAINABLE GROWTH means to generate wealth, we are committed to the development and harmonising of society, economy and environment.


We apply economical and social models which link the company with the development. They demand responsibility for their actions in order to achieve a society based on values.


  • We are an open-minded team and dynamic professionals.
  • We have been working in consultancy more than 15 years average, we are specialised in internationalization, international cooperation and business management.
  • We understand businesses, their demands, offers, needs, strengths, limitations and challenges.
  • We have experience in more than 20 countries, mainly in Africa, and Latin America. We have exensive knowledge of social, economic and political environments of countries withcommercial interest
  • We work on-line and we have our own specialists in different sectors and countries, so we offer solutions adapted to the specific demands and needs of each company.


We believe that for growing is compulsory to surround ourselves with strategic partners. For this reason, we cooperate with the following companies to achieve common objectives



Entidad subvencionada por la Unión Europea

PO Fondo Social Europeo Galicia 2014-2020



Empresas de nueva creación
  • Feasibility analysis and market studies.
  • Strategic and operational planning.
  • Access to financing sources appropriate to your business (identification of financing sources and preparation of proposals)
Estrategias de internacionalización
  • Diagnosis and design of the plan for becoming international.
  • Benchmarking internacional.
  • International benchmarking.
  • Direct and reverse prospecting international trade missions.
  • Evaluation of the socio-economical and environmental impact. Designing strategies for impact mitigation.
  • Access to financing sources appropriate to your business (identification of financing sources and preparation of proposals):
    • Funding for internationalisation support.
    • International tenders (identification, partners, preparation of proposals, start up).
    • Sponsorship – Fund Raising.
CSR Strategies and PPP
  • International corporate social responsibility: Design and integration of an appropriate policy of CSR in the strategic line of the company
  • Identification, formulation, implementation, monitoring and search for funding of projects incorporated in CSR strategy in third countries under a perspective of contribution to the social, economic and environmental development of the communities of the environment, of the productive sector, markets, institutions, etc.
  • We design and support the implementation of management and evaluation tools in the framework of the international CSR.
  • Design and creation of Public and Private Partnerships between organisations, companies, administrations, non state actors, in the context of enterprise development, cultural cooperation, cooperation to development, etc.
International cooperation

International cooperation projects are born of a desire for transformation of reality, and contribute to the improvement of the living conditions in the communities where they are carried out.

ICSEM has an extensive experience in this field, ICSEM, provides technical assistance throughout the project management cycle:

  • Identification.
  • Formulation.
  • Implementation.
  • Monitoring and control.
  • Communication.
  • Evaluation.
  • Comprehensive program design framework for cooperation and management companies in third countries.


  • Technical Assistance
    • Consultancy and advice.
    • Studies
  • Training
    • Design of specialised programs.
    • Informal training.
    • In-Company
  • Mentoring and Tutoring
    • Individual support in the design and implementation of strategies and processes.

We head to...

  • People with an idea of local or international business that needs an external view of its feasibility and planning.
  • Company planning or developing internationalization strategies in search of new markets, sources of funding, accountability models, create Public-Private Partnerships, etc.
  • Business Schools and Universities that are considering to add value to their training programs and research in industry and / or development in the areas of our work.
  • Internationalised company or considering internationalization for its development strategy should incorporate CSR as a management model company.
  • Public or private support local, national and international business sector entities: Chambers of Commerce, Confederation of Employers, Cluster, Technological Center, Universities, Public Administration, who need to incorporate into their programs of business support international training activities, technical assistance and tutoring in our workspaces.
  • Not for Profit Organisations (NGOs, religious institutions, foundations, etc.) that ask for support for the preparation of proposals, identifying funding sources, creating Public - Private Partnerships, implementing projects in the field of development of business sector as tool for economic growth, poverty reduction and food security, others.
  • Pre -Incubators and Incubators needing services to provide or strengthen training and tutoring.
  • Any other person, company or institution or organisation that needs support to develop and promote their performances as a profitable, responsible and sustainable business.

Support ICSEM

If you want to join our growing team, please send us your CV to add it to our database.

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